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Organisation Is The ‘Key’ To Playing Piano

Great advise for piano teacher and their students – organisation. Divide up what you have to do into compartments, such as scales and technical work, pieces, sight-reading, etc. You may find it helpful to keep a practice diary. A scale chart is also a good idea. Concentration is the key! Scientists...

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Guide To Licencing Your Music

If you plan to record a cover song for your release then you’re going to need to make some choices. Any composition not written by you requires a mechanical license before you can record and release it as an album track, single, or download.
1. What is a mechanical license?

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Guide To Your Album Release

If you are planning to release a CD on a specific date or to coincide with an event, you can’t wait until the last minute to get organized. Planning a release date means working backwards to organize your rehearsals, recording, mixing, mastering, design and manufacturing as well as promotions...

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Swap Your Hands Over Whilst Practicing Piano

Can this really help you to play piano better. Well this is a glorified version of practicing hands separately, by using both hands to play the music that normally one hand will play. In other words, we make a two-handed arrangement of the notes in the bass (or treble) stave. This is supplementary...

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Variety Is The Spice Of Piano Life

Having what we would call a musical balanced diet is a must for all piano teacher and students alike. Choose pieces from different periods and in different styles, and also consider pieces in more popular idioms.

Exploring unfamiliar territory can be very inspiring, and it is good to challenge...

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How ‘Slowly, Separately, Sections’ Can Help You Play Better

The three ‘S’s? So what do we mean by that. Will if we had to recommend one formula for success, it would be this one: ‘Slowly, Separately, Sections’. Practice at a snail’s pace, if not slower, and start off in small sections that you repeat. Repetition will form habits.


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Anaylise your piano rehearsal and practice methodically

How you think about your practice time makes a big difference. Learn to practice methodically and to make progress one step at a time. Think of practicing as saving or investing, and performing as spending. There has to be a balance between the two activities. Even a piece you have perfected will...

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Working With Students With Emotional & Behavioral Needs.

We have found that the most effective way to engage young people with emotional and behavioral needs is to begin with short one-to-one sessions catered to their musical tastes. For example, Tyrese liked the artist UK Grime and enjoyed rapping so we started sessions by listening to his favourite music...

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Piano Teachers Cross Word!

Are you a pianist or musician that likes a challenge? Well here is a tough one. How well do you know your musical terms and technicalitys? Here we have a crossword puzzle that’s centered around music and the words we all use around it. If you print out the quiz, fill it in and email it back...

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Piano hand jumps and cross overs.

This can be a relatively hard technique for a beginner to master but to help simplify matters we have a lesson on showing you the correct technique and ways to master this. Here we look at how Chopin used this method to write and play his classical piano music. Enjoy and if you would like more piano...

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Modal promoting polysynth powerhouse at German music show.

Breakthrough British electronic musical instruments manufacturer Modal Electronics is proud to present 008, an eight-voice, 16-VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator), and 16-sub-oscillator pure analogue polysynth powerhouse par excellence, representing the third of three new ‘numerical’ products...

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Spitfire bolsters BML symphonic strings series with MURAL

With MURAL – VOLUME 2, its latest sample instrument collection for Native Instruments’ KONTAKT 4 or 5 (Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and Windows 7 or later), Spitfire Audio ably picks up where it inventively left off with MURAL – VOLUME 1… shaping the ultimate...

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Review of Casio Privia PX-5S

The new Privia PX-5S has been engineered to redefine the stage piano category with optimised sound quality and performance features in a lightweight design that is highly portable. Featuring Hex-Layer technology, tone editing, insert effects, MIDI controller capabilities, an 88-key, tri-sensor scaled...

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New product from synthesizer manufacturer Dave Smith Instruments

Company founder and renowned designer Dave Smith is no stranger to analog synthesizers, being responsible for the pre- eminent Prophet-5, the world’s first programmable polyphonic synthesizer back in 1978, and a raft of innovative instruments thereafter — both for Sequential Circuits, his first...

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FabFilter releases FabFilter Pro-MB multiband dynamics plug-in

FabFilter is proud to announce availability of FabFilter Pro-MB, a brand-new multiband compression/expansion plug-in introducing unique workflow and signal processing advancements. Featuring free placement of bands anywhere in the spectrum and a newly developed Dynamic Phase processing mode, FabFilter...

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