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Organisation Is The ‘Key’ To Playing Piano

Great advise for piano teacher and their students – organisation. Divide up what you have to do into compartments, such as scales and technical work, pieces, sight-reading, etc. You may find it helpful to keep a practice diary. A scale chart is also a good idea. Concentration is the key! Scientists...

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Preparing Your New CD For Release

The best way to ensure a stress-free manufacturing process and flawless finished product is to make sure all the elements of your project are in perfect shape when they arrive at our plant. The extra care and time you take in preparing your materials before production will be rewarded with meeting...

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The Finest Digital Organs Demo’d Exclusively For Us

See this amazing video of top keyboard player and partner at Eminent Organs, Shea Lolin shows us the incredible Cantata II – 2 manuals – 34 speaking stops – 30 note pedalboard​ organ. The Cantata II organ is similar to the Cantata, with an additional 5 speaking stops and a...

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Swap Your Hands Over Whilst Practicing Piano

Can this really help you to play piano better. Well this is a glorified version of practicing hands separately, by using both hands to play the music that normally one hand will play. In other words, we make a two-handed arrangement of the notes in the bass (or treble) stave. This is supplementary...

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Variety Is The Spice Of Piano Life

Having what we would call a musical balanced diet is a must for all piano teacher and students alike. Choose pieces from different periods and in different styles, and also consider pieces in more popular idioms.

Exploring unfamiliar territory can be very inspiring, and it is good to challenge...

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How ‘Slowly, Separately, Sections’ Can Help You Play Better

The three ‘S’s? So what do we mean by that. Will if we had to recommend one formula for success, it would be this one: ‘Slowly, Separately, Sections’. Practice at a snail’s pace, if not slower, and start off in small sections that you repeat. Repetition will form habits.


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Anaylise your piano rehearsal and practice methodically

How you think about your practice time makes a big difference. Learn to practice methodically and to make progress one step at a time. Think of practicing as saving or investing, and performing as spending. There has to be a balance between the two activities. Even a piece you have perfected will...

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Do You Need Help To Practice Regularly? Here are Our Top Tips

Here is our first helpful guide to keep your practice in tip top shape. Commitment – Keep to a regular daily practice schedule come what may, even if you are tired or don’t feel like practicing. It is the commitment and the regularity that matter, not the amount of time you spend. ‘Little...

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Teaching Hearing Impaired or Deaf Students

For several months, sound company Links have been working on a new project with students with hearing impairment and deafness in many schools across the UK to disprove the theory that music can’t be taught to deaf people and help deaf and hearing impaired children to engage with music.


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Working With Students With Emotional & Behavioral Needs.

We have found that the most effective way to engage young people with emotional and behavioral needs is to begin with short one-to-one sessions catered to their musical tastes. For example, Tyrese liked the artist UK Grime and enjoyed rapping so we started sessions by listening to his favourite music...

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Spitfire Audio adds another ‘off-grid’ twist to evolving, EMS VCS3-inspired VIs for its Producer Portfolio

Spitfire Audio, purveyors of the finest virtual instruments from the finest musical samples in the world, is proud to announce availability of PP025 EVO GRID 004 WOODWINDS, the latest creative chapter in its evocatively- named, evolving EVO GRID series of ‘off-grid’ sample-based virtual instruments...

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Test drive the new Multiclock for us.

Please let me us know if you (or one of your colleagues) are interested in reviewing multiclock an ultra-reliable multi-channel, multi-format sync box that builds a musical bridge between DAWs and external (MIDI, DIN Sync/sync24, and analogue modular) musical gear like no other by converting clock...

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Exclusive Pass For New York Music Conference

Our partners Music Gateway have teamed up with New Music Seminar (NMS) who are back with their renowned New York conference bringing together some of the biggest and up and coming influences in music for a debate about all things music. Music Gateway are paying for ONE EXCLUSIVE CONFERENCE PASS...

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ZAOR expands MODULAR CONCEPT with smaller-scale addition to MIZA lineup

Recording studio furniture designer and manufacturer ZAOR is proud to introduce MIZA Jr. — expanding its MODULAR CONCEPT with a smaller-scale addition to its mushrooming MIZA line of flexible media workstations and accessories — as of September 10. As the smallest scale addition to the MIZA media...

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Modulus signs first dealer for breakthrough British modulus.002 synthesiser… in UK!

Bristol based British electronic piano, synth and keyboard musical instruments manufacturer Modulus is proud to announce that is has signed up Castleford, West Yorkshire-based fellow Brits Toys4Noise as the first dealer in the world for its innovative modulus.002 analogue/digital hybrid polysynth...

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