hands on piano playing

Swap Your Hands Over Whilst Practicing Piano

Posted Under: Beginners Expert Intermediate

Can this really help you to play piano better. Well this is a glorified version of practicing hands separately, by using both hands to play the music that normally one hand will play. In other words, we make a two-handed arrangement of the notes in the bass (or treble) stave. This is supplementary to playing the left hand alone from memory, where one is still able to rely on muscular memory. Again, there is no one right way to do this, and many possible ways. The arrangement can be varied each time.

It is both educational and fun (if not a little frustrating) to play the left hand music with the right hand, and vice versa simultaneously (crossed hands). The main problem with this is that in certain circumstances it might cause postural problems, so it should be done sparingly and very slowly, perhaps only for problem places.

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