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Modulus signs first dealer for breakthrough British modulus.002 synthesiser… in UK!

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Bristol based British electronic piano, synth and keyboard musical instruments manufacturer Modulus is proud to announce that is has signed up Castleford, West Yorkshire-based fellow Brits Toys4Noise as the first dealer in the world for its innovative modulus.002 analogue/digital hybrid polysynth within days of the premium product’s launch — as of August 4.

Even though the technology for mass-market synthesisers was patently pioneered in the UK in the leafy London suburb of Putney at the tail end of the Swinging Sixties, the last time that a polyphonic/multitimbral analogue synthesiser was designed, developed, and manufactured in the UK — actually within Wales — was way back in the late Eighties. Bristol- based Modulus has not only succeeded in bringing back that pioneering spirit to Blighty by shipping the mighty modulus. 002 on July 10, 2014, but has admirably succeeded in doing so by creating an amazing modern-day musical instrument that truly represents one giant leap for ‘synthkind’ with a sizeable number of notable new features to its innovative name — notably replicating content to a cloud-based platform for file sharing — in less than a year! No small feat for a small, yet passionate company with its collective heart set on changing the world (of synthesisers).

It is apt, therefore, that Toys4Noise in Castleford, West Yorkshire — based within The Chairworks, the UK’s largest residential recording studio, no less — has signed up as the first dealer in the world for modulus.002. In truth, Toys4Noise is very different to other dealers, being based in a world-class recording studio, where potential purchasers can try the instrument in a relaxed, professional audio environment with excellent monitoring and outboard. Of course, with its small team of dedicated and passionate staff to advise customers on the best equipment to suit their production needs, Toys4Noise is perfectly positioned to make some noise about modulus.002. It doesn’t get better than this when it comes to serious synthesisers, after all!

“modulus.002 is the first serious pro synthesiser for a long, long time,” Manager of Products Ryan Jarvis duly declares, before continuing: “It represents a no-compromise approach to modern-day synthesis. The build quality and sonic performance are outstanding. At Toys4Noise we represent what we believe to be the finest products of the pro audio industry. modulus. 002 fits this remit perfectly. This is a truly momentous occasion for the industry and we are proud to be part of it.”

For his not inconsiderable part in the proceedings, Modulus co-founder Philip Taysom maintains, “Modulus is delighted to be working with an organisation with the experience and history of Toys4Noise. There can surely be few people with the experience of vintage equipment that Toys4Noise founder Ryan Jarvis has, and their client base in both the dealership and The Chairworks studio speaks volumes about their commitment to professional and semi-professional customers.”

Modulus and Toys4Noise are also delighted to announce that they are planning a modulus.002 ‘meet and greet’ event to take place at The Chairworks on Monday, September 15, where invited industry big names will be discovering for themselves exactly what makes modulus.002 so special in comparison to today’s commercial and ‘boutique’ offerings from other manufacturers, both bigger and smaller. Anyone interested in attending this event or simply seeking more information on the synthesiser itself can contact Ryan Jarvis directly on +44 (0)7917 714948. We look forward to meeting you there.

modulus.002 is available to purchase from Toys4Noise for £3,595.00 GBP (including VAT)

If you would like to review the any new Modulus product please contact us or see our post on 21st August 2014.

See the Modulus poly synth here;

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