Visit The House Of Handel

Visit The House Where Handel Lived & Wrote Some Of His Compositions.

May 26, 2016

We have a stunning musical experience for you this Year. We plan to take up to 12 of our tutors and their students to visit Handel’s and Jimi Hendrix’s flat in Brook Street in London which has just recently opened.  After that we will be going on to a secure vault buried deep below central London streets to see some of the most famous musical instruments in the World. The list includes;

  • The Beatles keyboard.
  • John Bonham’s drum kit.
  • Slash’s Les Paul guitar.
  • Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) drum kit.
  • Jimi Hendrix Flying V (last guitar he played publicly)
  • John lessons glasses and belt.
  • Jimmy Pages Les Paul guitar.
  • Ringo Starrs drum kit.
  • Jeff Becks Telecaster – Used on many tours and albums.
  • Joe Satriani’s guitar.
  • David Bowies acoustic guitar.
  • Many more important music articles.

And yes they are all authentic!

After the tour of the music vault you will be having a free lunch on us at the Worlds first Chicago Rock Cafe

The date is 2nd June where we will meet at a designated area on Brook Street, London, W1K 4HB.

Please email us ASAP on to register for your attendance and we will provide you with more details. This is a first come, first served basis so be quick. So come and meet up with us and see some of the best music memorabilia in the World.

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