Below are answers to some of our common questions

How much can I earn?

We worked out for 20 hours worth of lessons you could take over £30,000 a year from your business. If your where to put in 35 hours a week then earnings of over £55,000 a year are achievable.

How much will it cost me?

The prices start from just £9 per week and that includes your website, email address and membership certificate. There are substantial reductions available if you wish to pay a proportion or the full fee up front (please contact us for more details). That means if you do your 20 hours a week your PROFIT will be around £27,312.00, that includes payment of tax and national insurance.

Can’t I do this myself?

A lot of music teachers make the mistake of putting up a card in a shop window, charge enough for some beer money, they have no professional branding that’s recognisable by their target market. The tax office could see the advert and because the music teacher is not keeping any financial details on their income, and could face a hefty tax bill. The Council also need to know you are running a business from home. Then you will need to take the time to write lessons for all different skill levels you will get. This will mean several hours of research time for each lesson. You will also need to know how to convey the lessons to your students. You’ll also need to create a structure to show what you have been teaching and plan for that student over the coming weeks, if not they will drop out very quickly as it will show that there’s no consistency to the lessons

Why use My Keyboard Lessons?

The idea of this business is to let us take care of all of the difficult issues with selling yourself, making yourself above board and giving you lessons to teach, so you can get on with earning money. It means that keyboard/piano teachers like you, can use their skills to earn money from playing. It allows you to be your own boss, take holidays when you want and earn as much as you want all from playing keyboard/piano. Its also a real help for gigging musicians, helping to be straight with the tax man and not lose any money by doing so. Simply we offer the infrastructure for you to set up legitimately, and continue running as a tutor, and after 6-8 Months it should be possible for you to earn in excess of £25,000 a year for 3 days work a week, which is more than most people earn in a week. We’ll show you how to become a professional music tutor from your own home.

I’m already teaching keyboard/piano

If you are an existing tutor and wish to use our services to enhance your earning potential, then we can help you. You can tailor your teaching package to suit your needs.

Who’s my boss?

Well you will be, but please be aware that we do have some simple and obvious guidelines in your contract such as having a keyboard or piano to teach with and being polite and presentable!

What days and hours will I work?

Its entirely up to you and your students. We have found that a large proportion of students will be available from 4PM onwards so do expect your evenings to be taken up. We will show you how best to encourage clients that will come to you during 9-5 should this be more convenient.

How long is the contract for?

Your Contract as shown in the ‘Terms & Conditions’ when you sign up can be cancelled by yourself at any time with just 3 Months written notice. This will enable you to receive support, lessons the website and an email address from us.

What do I do now?

Simple, Go to our options section and select the appropriate tools for you to start your piano or keyboard teaching business. We will be in touch within 48 hours to give you email log in codes and your membership certificate and to arrange your training.

Who do I contact?

Please contact:

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