Sonokinetic Ostinato Strings

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

It slots in right between phrase based products like Maximo and Sotto and the multi sampled orchestral line started with the Orchestral Series: Woodwinds, offering more control than the first and quicker realistic results than the latter. Ostinato – Strings provides the user with a fast and easy way to create convincing string patterns, even offering automated smart voice leading and enhanced chord detection. For the first time in Sonokinetic history this instrument now recognises and plays diminished, suspended and seventh chords, and then some. Combine that with the extended harmonic shift capabilities, the seamless transitions between patterns and the well regarded Sonokinetic sound and we feel we’ve added a potent tool to any composer’s toolkit.

At the heart of the Ostinato series there is an entirely new process that has been developing for quite some time now. From the recording stage, the entire approach is different from their regular phrase instruments in that we recorded separate intervals for various rhythm building blocks. After careful editing we combine these intervals through an intelligent script that builds them into chords in 5 different voicings and up to 4 inversions (the fourth only for 7th chords).

Not only does the engine build the chords based on the inversion you play in the chord area, but when you play in the harmonic shift area it will judge which inversion it plays based on the chord that came before it, the chord quality on the key you’re in and the position of the chord you’re triggering in that key. This ensures that transitions are smooth and harmonically correct.

Ostinato recognises and plays 12 different chord types, it is their first instrument that can handle diminished, half-diminished, augmented chords and many more. This is the first product in this new line of instruments that will coexist alongside both their Orchestral Series and our Phrase-Based libraries, bridging the gap by doing one specific thing exceptionally well… ostinato chords.


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