Keyboard Player Needed For Norfolk/Suffolk Band

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Are there any of our tutors or student keyboard players that would be interested in joining a band from the Norwich and Beccles area?  The band, is not full time and would look to gig max 25 ish times a year (They all work and have lives!!!….) the band is called Munch and will offer three options: 80s set, 70s disco/glam set (both 80s and 70s themed) and the corporate style party band aiming at the Corporate/Weddings/Parties and also pubs and clubs.

Half of the band has come from Aftershock, which was a corporate function band and ran for 13 years. The band also went out as 70s glam band Muffy and the Misfits which was great fun and went down a storm. Sadly the band split earlier in the year, hence the remaining members are setting this up. They thought a new name would give them a fresh start.

So having said all that, all they need is a keyboardist who would be capable to play music from these eras and also be committed, fit in and basically have laugh.

So If you feel you are suitable for this position call Mark on mobile 07799 790609. 



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  1. Kaleigh says:

    I read your post and wished I’d wretitn it

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