Sale on Softube Heartbeat through Native Instruments special offer

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Our drum synth, Heartbeat, is available on sale through a special offer in collaboration with Native Instruments. Heartbeat is compatible with the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) extended plug-in format which is supported by Maschine and the Komplete Kontrol keyboards range. NKS gives Heartbeat users intuitive hands-on control of Heartbeat’s functions all automatically mapped to the hardware’s knobs, buttons and keys, and with no additional setting up needed.

This is a limited-time offer available only through the Native Instruments Online Shop until May 9, 2016.

Classic drum synthesis is back with a vengeance! Heartbeat is an innovative software drum synth with a familiar, yet unique, sound character. A world class effects section is included, as well as the innovative Auto Layer Machine which will take your beats to unexpected places. Heartbeat combines modeled analog synthesis with forward-thinking features and flexibility. The modeled analog sound engine, the Auto Layer Machine and the included top-of-the-line effects turns Heartbeat into a killer package for your beats.


The core of Heartbeat consists of the eight instrument channels. You will find two different bass drum channels, which can be as punchy and deep as you want them, but are also perfectly capable of producing snappy and hard-hitting woody textures. The two dedicated snare drum channels have six parameters each, which allow you to achieve anything from edgy rimshots and claps to whispery snare rolls.

The percussion channels are identical and can be used to model anything from 80s style synthetic toms to cowbells and noise drops. And just like the other channels, the hihat and cymbal channels offer flexible synthesis engines – tweak to your heart’s desire!


The fully featured effects section includes slightly adapted versions of Softube’s model of Valley People Dyna-mite and the TSAR-1 Reverb. The Dyna-mite is a dynamic shaping Swiss army knife with a serious attitude. Limiting, compression, gating, sidechained ducking Dyna-mite handles it all. And TSAR-1 is a much loved reverb plug-in.

Filter Echo is a filtered delay effect with adjustable Cut Off and Resonance parameters. And finally, the output saturation can go from juicy to gritty and is not taken from any existing Softube product.

Each of the eight channels has a dedicated mixer channel with controls for volume, pan, ping-pong (auto-panning), EQ (adapted specifically for each instrument) and send levels to the reverb and delay effects.


Heartbeat is not only about sound, it’s also about inspiration and interaction. This is where the innovative Auto Layer Machine comes in. The Auto Layer Machine has four channels that can each be used to layer sounds or trigger a chain of events. This can be used to create new sound textures or create automatic fill patterns in up to four steps.

If things still get too predictable, move the Chaos sliders to the right – these add an element of randomness, ranging from subtle variations to massive trigger-riot mayhem!

Flexible global velocity parameter knobs for volume, pitch, attack and decay can make Heartbeat responsive to velocity changes. Time Gate shortens the overall decay to create a stuttery and stiff machine sound.


Please note: This instrument requires an iLok (software or hardware).

If you don’t have an iLok account, visit the iLok website to get a free account and download the free License Manager app. Supported formats VST, VST3, Audio Units, or AAX (Pro Tools 10.3.7, 11.0.2 or higher)
Minimum System Requirements OS X 10.9 or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM
Windows 7 or higher (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit, Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4 GB RAM


Eight channels of drum sounds, mostly based on modeled analog synthesis
Mixer with volume, EQ, effect sends and panning for each channel
Four-channel Auto Layer Machine for layering sounds or triggering beat patterns
Chaos slider adds randomness to the behavior of Auto Layer Machine
Adapted versions of TSAR-1 Reverb and Valley People Dyna-mite included, as well as Filter
Echo and output saturation.

This product requires iLok registration. You don’t need an iLok USB dongle to register. Registration is free.


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