Sergio Tiempo

Audience Vote to Decide Pianist’s Chopin Concert Repertoire

Friday, March 28th, 2014

The concert, taking place on April 29th at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, will see Sergio Tiempo play a programme of works by Brahms, Beethoven and many more, but there’s an unconfirmed slot where six individual Chopin Etudes will be performed.

Tiempo has set up a Soundcloud page where listeners and audience members can ‘Like’ each individual Etude (there’s a shortlist of 12). The six Etudes with the most ‘Likes’ will be performed by Tiempo on the night.

Tiempo comments on his Soundcloud page: “I ask you to help me choose 6 out of these 12 ├ętudes to include in the program. Whichever six get the most votes, those are the ones I will play!”

“Rather than having you choose from a silent list of Opus and study numbers or from someone else’s recording of them, I decided to offer you live performances from a recital I gave in China.”

The rest of the concert is also very specifically programmed, with each different piece chosen by Tiempo to represent a different family member.

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