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Mario Balotelli Plays The Piano

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Before this week, if someone told you he saw Mario Balotelli play the national anthem for Andrea Pirlo on the piano, you’d think he had eaten an entire cheeseboard before bed.

However, if you do hear someone claim that, don’t try and restrain them for their own good, it happened!

Pirlo looked like he wanted those 40 seconds of his life back immediately.

However, when first watching the video, it’s surprising that Balotelli can play a piano. You would assume he’d sooner stick 40-inch wheels on a piano and turn it into a musical monster truck. And possibly try and get a mechanic to install a Transformer’s brain into it.

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One Response to Mario Balotelli Plays The Piano

  1. mykeyboardlessons says:

    The guys talents are endless. Wish he was still playing for Manchester City, as he was so entertaining, always for the wrong reasons!

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