C.24 wireless keyboard for iPad

Sick of paying games on your iPad? Make music on it instead!

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Turn your tablet into a two-octave keyboard using a C.24.

The C.24 is a two octave wireless keyboard that also doubles as a protective cover for your iPad.

The basic goal of the C.24 is to combine a physical instrument with digital interface. The creators wanted musicians to be able to play the piano on an iPad by actually using a keyboard alongside an app.

The basic structure is about the same size and width of an iPad. It attaches to the Apple tablet using magnetic hinges. To turn it into a usable keyboard, flip a lever so that the keys pop out from their base. The iPad is then placed in the grove behind the keyboard so that users can display it in either portrait or landscape mode.

You don’t need to plug the C.24 into your iPad or any other connector. It pairs with your device using Bluetooth technology. The musical accessory is compatible with any iOS app that supports CoreMIDI.

In addition to the basic travel-sized keyboard, the C.24 features a pitch-bender and octave changer that can be preprogramed for fast switching on the fly.

The C.24 will be ready ship by December of this year.

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