World Wide Teaching Opportunities

Its always great to hear from keyboard and piano players who wish to teach their skills from all over the World. If you wish to join us then this is the place to be.

The products listed below are taken from our ‘Gold’ service offerings, designed to cater from the ground up, for a keyboard/piano player wanting to earn from teaching. Please let us know which services below that you require and we can then send you a breakdown of prices;

  1. Personally branded ‘My Keyboard Lessons’ website which can have pictures, your music and a biog of you on it.
  2. Your own My Keyboard Lessons email address to show you are a member of a professional organisation.
  3. Your own My Keyboard Lessons Membership Certificate to display on your teaching wall.
  4. Your own professionally printed ‘My Keyboard Lessons’ business cards
  5. Your own ‘My Keyboard Lessons’ posters
  6. Professional songs for you to teach
  7. Exercises for students of all levels
  8. Your own lesson structure to use for each one of your students
  9. In-depth guide on how to run your business effectively
  10. Student contract to keep your customers coming back
  11. Skype Training where we will go through all of the lessons, plans and formats to help you become a fully trained teacher.
  12. Google Adverts
  13. Video lessons to help you and your students
  14. Support for all advise and queries you have
  15. Income spreadsheet

We would suggest that you look through the above list and let us know which service or services you will require. We will then write back to confirm prices and availability.

Please be aware that all written documents are in English (that includes all lessons, structures and training manuals).

If you would prefer to run ‘My Keyboard Lessons’ in your Country as a Master Franchise please CLICK HERE.

Please feel free to write or call should you have any queries or questions you need answering. Our Skype address is simondevlinmgl or email us at

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