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Pianist or Keyboard Player Wanted For Manchester Band

We are looking for a keyboard/pianist player for a newly formed Manchester based trio, hoping to be a 4 piece wedding band with an 80s theme (musically, not dress) but this is difficult without a keyboard player. If you or anyone you know would be interested in having a chat, please feel free to...

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Preparing Your New CD For Release

The best way to ensure a stress-free manufacturing process and flawless finished product is to make sure all the elements of your project are in perfect shape when they arrive at our plant. The extra care and time you take in preparing your materials before production will be rewarded with meeting...

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Guide To Licencing Your Music

If you plan to record a cover song for your release then you’re going to need to make some choices. Any composition not written by you requires a mechanical license before you can record and release it as an album track, single, or download.
1. What is a mechanical license?

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Guide To Your Album Release

If you are planning to release a CD on a specific date or to coincide with an event, you can’t wait until the last minute to get organized. Planning a release date means working backwards to organize your rehearsals, recording, mixing, mastering, design and manufacturing as well as promotions...

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Anaylise your piano rehearsal and practice methodically

How you think about your practice time makes a big difference. Learn to practice methodically and to make progress one step at a time. Think of practicing as saving or investing, and performing as spending. There has to be a balance between the two activities. Even a piece you have perfected will...

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Teaching Hearing Impaired or Deaf Students

For several months, sound company Links have been working on a new project with students with hearing impairment and deafness in many schools across the UK to disprove the theory that music can’t be taught to deaf people and help deaf and hearing impaired children to engage with music.


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Working With Students With Emotional & Behavioral Needs.

We have found that the most effective way to engage young people with emotional and behavioral needs is to begin with short one-to-one sessions catered to their musical tastes. For example, Tyrese liked the artist UK Grime and enjoyed rapping so we started sessions by listening to his favourite music...

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Music Crossword Answers.

Did you try out our music crossword competition last Moth on our piano website at Well if you got struck in answering any of the questions...

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Piano hand jumps and cross overs.

This can be a relatively hard technique for a beginner to master but to help simplify matters we have a lesson on showing you the correct technique and ways to master this. Here we look at how Chopin used this method to write and play his classical piano music. Enjoy and if you would like more piano...

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Exclusive Pass For New York Music Conference

Our partners Music Gateway have teamed up with New Music Seminar (NMS) who are back with their renowned New York conference bringing together some of the biggest and up and coming influences in music for a debate about all things music. Music Gateway are paying for ONE EXCLUSIVE CONFERENCE PASS...

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Spitfire bolsters BML symphonic strings series with MURAL

With MURAL – VOLUME 2, its latest sample instrument collection for Native Instruments’ KONTAKT 4 or 5 (Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and Windows 7 or later), Spitfire Audio ably picks up where it inventively left off with MURAL – VOLUME 1… shaping the ultimate...

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Review of ATC SCM150ASL Pro Studio Speakers

Specialist British loudspeaker drive unit and complete sound reproduction system manufacturer ATC is proud to announce that MPG Mastering Engineer of the Year Award-winner Matt Colton has installed a pair of SCM150ASL PRO three-way active loudspeakers for critical listening in his room at Alchemy...

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Run Your Own Music Teaching Business In Canada

Buying a music franchise can be a life-changing experience. There are many reasons why you should fulfil your dream of becoming your own boss and open a franchise. The following reasons to buy a franchise will help you to understand why it will be a great investment.

Turnkey Business:...

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Check out our review of ultimate sound collection with Analog Lab 1.1

With the release of version 1.1, Arturia’s already attractive Analog Lab has just got a whole lot better with numerous new features and improvements adding value to an already valuable and desirable software synthesizer solution that boasts a huge library of over 5,000...

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Would you like to review PL soft synth plug-in

Please let ‘My Keyboard Lessons’ know If you are interested in testing and reviewing the Sweetwater- & Music Store Professional-exclusive Predator-PL soft synth plug-in, and we can make the necessary arrangements with my Rob Papen colleagues to provide an NFR license ASAP.


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