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We asked one of our most experienced piano teachers Ijeoma Erica Mbubaegbu about her thoughts on teaching and using My Keyboard Lessons resources. Here is what she said; Why did you initially join My Keyboard Lessons? I wanted to be a piano teacher because I enjoy playing the piano and needed help to get started. I was fed up with office work, volunteering, sending out CVs, and attending interviews and fed up with being tied down to temporary contracts when in work. Most of all I hated when my integrity was compromised, office politics and the daily commute to London.

What have My Keyboard Lessons done for you?

They helped me to get a good reputation which included, letting people know that I can teach them piano and setting up a website for me. My manager at the music centre found my credentials online and offered me a job. I now work at the music centre part time and go to other people’s houses to teach them piano when I am not at the music centre. MKL helped me to tell people that I could supply what they were demanding which was music and piano lessons.

How many students do you teach?

I have approximately 40 students including private students and students at a music centre. I am fully booked and cannot take any more on. I sometimes refer potential students who come to me first to try other teachers who I know and trust because I have such a demanding workload. Due to my demanding workload I now only teach people who live in Bromley with the exception of one who I just couldn’t say goodbye to. When I first started teaching piano I didn’t have the luxury to choose whom I travelled to but now I do.

What’s the best thing about teaching piano?

The best thing about teaching piano is seeing students reach their piano playing potential. I feel proud when my students pass their piano graded exams. Some passed after not doing so well the first time round and others passed with merit and distinction. I felt the proudest for the kid who passed his graded exam second time round. He made me very happy. I feel happy when my students tell me that I am an awesome teacher. It’s a great job if you are maternal. The kids are like my own.

What 3 simple bits of advice would you give to a new piano teacher?

1. Join a piano or music society, network and make friends with like minded people.

2. Get a piano teacher to teach you even if you are a piano teacher.

3. Remember to organise your timetable, schedule or roster so that you have a day off and a good work life balance.

How much do you earn?

Approximately £50 per day.

Would you advise other musicians to join us?

Definitely, yes of course.

Ijeoma Erica Mbubaegbu.

My Keyboard Lessons Tutor.

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