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Piano Teachers – How To Effectively Advertise?

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This is of course the next obvious question. Knowing how to advertise and where takes testing and often lots of it. Remember the 95% of not actively searching for a piano teacher so your ads need to appeal to their curiosity. If you advertise ‘Piano Lessons’ you might get some response but if your ad is not designed correctly you will be wasting your money.

For example let’s compare Facebook with Google Adwords. A Facebook user is not searching for a keyboard teacher. They are chatting with friends and catching up on the latest news in most cases. This means with Facebook you need a photo that grabs attention with a headline that gets potential piano students interested and knowing more about you and your offering – look at the one we have used on this article, it got you to look! With an Adwords search ad your ad will appear generally at the top or side of a search page. This is a text ad and is usually appearing when people search a chosen keyword. In this case you will want an ad that appeals to the searcher. In this case you will generally appear alongside your competition in the form of organic search listings so it’s important to standout from the crowd some how.

Making a too good to refuse offer or giving something away free are examples. The cost of your advertising needs to be kept down to a reasonable cost otherwise you will lose. It is worth noting that you are highly likely to lose money
while you test and figure out what works.

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