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Guide To Your Album Release

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If you are planning to release a CD on a specific date or to coincide with an event, you can’t wait until the last minute to get organized. Planning a release date means working backwards to organize your rehearsals, recording, mixing, mastering, design and manufacturing as well as promotions well in advance of your release date. There are a number of things you need to have on your CD checklist, including:
1. Copyrighting
As soon as you produce a copy of a song — an audio recording, written transcription, or print-out of lyrics — your work is copyrighted. Still, it’s a good idea to register your work with the Library of the PRS. It’s £35 to file a single application claim of an original work online, and £55 for a standard application.
2. Clearing all samples
If your audio master contains any loops or samples of previously recorded work, you are required to purchase a Master Use License. Disc Makers cannot begin manufacturing without the proper licenses. If you are performing covers on your CD.
3. CD design
Your CD represents all the hard work you’ve put into your music and career. Unless you, someone on your team, or someone you are hiring is a professional designer, don’t try to do it on your own! If you do have a designer working with you, make sure you use our CD design templates.
4. Mastering
Your album isn’t ready for release until it has been professionally mastered. You’ve poured your heart into your music and recording, so why stop short of making your album sound the best that it can?

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