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Top Pro Says – Practice Playing Piano Along To TV Adverts

November 24, 2016

How do you practice piano. We suggest that you isolate problem areas. There are often one or two trouble spots in each piece that need special care and attention, and extra practicing. Identify these and mark them in your score (I like to use a square bracket). As you master these places, you can erase the markings. I suggest starting your practice session by working on these bars in isolation, before you start from the beginning. Go back to them at various points in your practice session, maybe even making a special trip to the piano just to play these passages (TV commercial breaks are good for this!).

Another thing – don’t always start your pieces from the beginning. Divide the music into sections and begin each day’s work from a different section. Otherwise, you will always know beginnings of pieces better than endings, and first movements better than last movements.

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