Rick Wakeman Eye in Suffolk

Rick Wakeman is saddened by the lack of piano teaching in schools

June 5, 2014

Top pianist and keyboard player Rick Wakeman has spoken of his sadness at the lack of good music education in our schools. It comes after an Ofsted report found that quality piano lessons and general music education only reached a few of its pupils in the UK.

The former Yes keyboardist told BBC Radio 5 live’s Richard Bacon: “I do find it disappointing when I go into schools and it doesn’t exist anymore.” He added, “It’s such a great shame because music and drama are a way for children and pupils to express themselves… who perhaps can’t express themselves well in academic ways.”

Rick has recently had issues with merchandise he is selling on his website. This relates to ‘Journey to the centre of the earth’ repackaging where his website says – Unfortunately there were some errors made in the original announcement about the prints for which we apologize. It goes on to say ‘If you have already ordered and paid for one of these boxed sets and are unhappy with these corrections, please contact us to arrange a full refund’.


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