How To Find The Best Piano Teacher

How To Find The Best Piano Lessons In Your Area.

January 22, 2016

Have you seen our new video showing you how to get keyboard lessons in your neigbourhood? The video starts off with a pianist pretending to play piano – whilst he is secretly pretending to play along to a backing track. When the player blows up his embarasing secret is revelaed – he can’t actually play!

He then finds his nearest piano tutor on and takes lessons. The end of the video shows him playing for real with the backing track player in the bin.

We would like to thank our London piano tutor Ijeoma Erica Mbubaegbu for providing the sound track for the video and Lee Cooper from Cooper Animations for his help in making the video. To have piano lessons with Ijeoma Erica Mbubaegbu please click HERE.

Ijeoma Erica Mbubaegbu composed the soundtrack to our video entitled, ‘Crossbencher and the shadows’, for the online MKL advert. She dedicates it to Robin and Barry Gibb as well as her own family. Ijeoma started writing and composing music at the age of 11. Her first composition debut was for a piano and violin duo which is now called Conforming to time and destiny. It was performed at her school music concert in Bexley. Her first composition prize was won at a festival in Bromley. Her other compositions include religious songs that debuted at King’s Church in Bromley and Coldharbour Lane Church in Middlesex. Her first orchestrated score was performed by Brunel Sinfonia also in Middlesex. It was at the university where she completed an undergraduate course in music including a composition module for three years as part of her studies. Prior to her undergraduate education, she completed composition modules as part of her GCSE and A-Level studies also.

She has written music in different styles and genres. Although she plays piano and flute only, she continues to write music for a plethora of instruments, solos, duos, trios and other groups. The composers that influence her are J.S Bach, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Enya and John Williams.

If you would like Ijeoma to compose music for you please email her at


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