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Friday, July 14th, 2017

A new collaborative campaign has launched, representing over 30,000 musicians and artists from across the memberships of The Artists Information Company (a-n) and the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM). #FreeMoveCreate aims to protect freedom of movement for all who work in the creative industries.

At the launch of the campaign, which took place at Toynbee Studios in London, a-n unveiled the results of its latest artists’ survey with more than 1,200 responses. “While our 2016 survey and open call told us our members were concerned about the uncertainty Brexit posed for their incomes and practice, our 2017 survey provides evidence these anxieties are now based on real life experiences,” said Jeanie Scott, director of a-n and co-founder of #FreeMoveCreate.

“Travel can play a vital, stimulating role in an artist’s career development, and an open, stable market place is just as important to ensure they can afford the costs of making, selling and distributing their work in the UK and beyond. But our survey suggests a reduction in opportunities for artists in the last year, an increase in costs, and a reduction in sales through EU routes.

“We must make sure these issues, and our artists’ growing concerns, are heard within the many Brexit discussions and negotiations that will take place over the coming months. And we know their concerns are shared by individuals across many artforms – which is why #FreeMoveCreate will work to make sure our largely self-employed artist communities across the UK can engage with and contribute to the campaign.”

Also at the launch, the ISM shared the latest findings of its survey of the music workforce post-referendum, which received more than 830 responses. “Our surveys conducted just after the results of the EU referendum, along with discussion with our members, uncovered the number one priority for working musicians: freedom of movement across all European countries,” said Deborah Annetts, chief executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians and co-founder of #FreeMoveCreate.

“Results showed that close on 60% of musicians placed maintaining freedom of movement as their number one priority. Our members travel to Europe upwards of 26 times a year, and the average tour length is seven days but some members are there for 60 days at a time. Our research shows that visas are not the solution and can cause even more problems. “The issue of freedom of movement is not limited to just musicians – it affects everyone who works in the creative industries, including actors, artists, dancers, directors and technicians.”

“Freedom of movement is vital to our creative industries. We urge everyone who works in these crucial industries – whatever your trade might be – to sign up to Free Move Create.

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