Korg’s desktop sort-of-DAW gets the LE treatment

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Korg has announced that it will be releasing a free version of Gadget for Mac, the launch of which coincides with an update to the full version. Gadget for Mac was released back in March, with some commenters not entirely agreeing with Korg’s price point. The company has suggested that the software might be used as a second DAW, but at the ‘regular’ price it might cost more than your first-choice production software.

Korg has now sort-of addressed this issue by releasing a free Mac version of Gadget. The new ‘lite edition’ has a cutdown feature set in comparison to its big brother, with five ‘carefully’ selected Gadgets (we’re not sure which yet) and some MIDI support being the highlights.

Moving on to the full version update, the big news is a new Gadget called Milpitas, which can produce sounds with a temporal tone modulation sound generator and also utilise the tones from iWavestation. You can now preview the sounds of Gadgets, too, which will please a few people we’re sure.

You can update to the latest version from inside the application by using the “Check for update…” option. If you want to try out Gadget for Mac, you can download direct from the Korg online store, and more information on the update can be found on the Korg website.

Gadget for Mac Version 1.1.0 new features
Milpitas gadget added
Preview sound of gadgets added
Improved the display behavior when switching tracks
Improved the MIDI channel for Darwin by enabling Omni reception
Various other adjustments to improve stability and ease of use have been done

Gadget LE for Mac version 1.1.0 main features
Experience the appeal of Korg Gadget with the free Lite version
Use five standard gadgets and tracks
Additional and extended functions are provided when connecting a Korg MIDI Controller


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