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Saturday, April 29th, 2017

The UK Live Music Census is the first ever of its kind in the UK and covers all genres, taking a broad definition of live music to include events featuring DJs. The survey is open and collecting data until May 31st and will help discover what challenges the industry is facing, and how it can flourish. There are four separate surveys depending on whether you’re a promoter, venue, musician or audience member. You are able to answer more than one survey type, but only one entry per person is allowed per survey type.

“Live music is popular across the UK, and has become increasingly important to the music industries, overtaking recording revenues in 2008. Yet recent years have been difficult for venues. These challenges are felt particularly keenly by the smaller venues, clubs and pubs which provide for local musicians and audiences, and which serve as the training ground for future headline acts,” said UK Live Music Census.

“There is widespread interest in the live music sector, and there have been numerous reports assessing its value produced by industry organisations, policy bodies and the charity sector. Nevertheless, there is still a gap in our knowledge about the specific relationship between the value of live music on the one hand and the current challenges facing venues across the UK on the other.

“Accounts of live music activity vary according to where they have been produced, by whom, and by what method. This variation can make it difficult to make meaningful comparisons across cities, and across different types of music and different types of venue.

“Our project will address these issues directly. The UK Live Music Census will be a collaboration between music industry organisations, policy bodies and leading academic live music researchers. Working with key personnel in the live music sector, and building on the project team’s pilot study of a census of live music in Edinburgh, we will provide the first account of live music in the UK that covers the full range of venues and that includes all types of musical activity – from amateur to top-flight professional.”

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