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Monday, March 27th, 2017

Plugin Alliance has announced the availability of bx_subsynth  a unique processing plugin built around the digital heart and soul of the discontinued dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer. The new software was created using founding Plugin Alliance development partner Brainworx’s M/S (Mid-Side) matrix technology to control the stereo field and add sub, punch, and saturation to sounds.

Inspired by its superior subharmonic synthesis, Brainworx began by making a meticulous model of the legendary dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer’s Waveform Modeling engine, which generates discrete bass frequencies one octave below whatever is fed into it. Far from simply seeking to emulate what had gone before, Brainworx took to supersizing the feature set of the original processor to create tighter, clearer, bigger, and resonant sounding bass that can be synthesized from even the most meagre of sounds.

The bx_subsynth is a serious tool that can be applied to almost anything. Retune drum tracks by dialling in higher subharmonics for rack toms and lower ones for the floor tom to create colossal, pounding drum fills; boost different subharmonics on a kick drum and bass guitar to separate their respective sounds in the mix for increased clarity and punch; add subterranean thunder to sustained left-hand octaves on piano tracks; automatically generate a perfectly synchronised bass line from the bottom strings played on an arpeggiated acoustic guitar track — two knob twists are all it takes to focus the bass line’s image dead-centre and massively widen the guitar’s stereo image by up to 400%.

Remastering engineers can use bx_subsynth to add a fat bottom end to thin vinyl masters and old recordings made on narrow-gauge multitrack tape recorders. Sound designers can pump up weak cinematic effects with terrifying lows. DJs can turbocharge their sound systems’ low end to woofer-shattering extremes. Whatever the application, this is one helluva bone-rattling big bottom end that can be felt as well as heard.

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