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Friday, October 21st, 2016

Has your piano seen better days and reached its sell-by date? Perhaps it’s just not keeping up with your musical ambitions? For a limited time, Yamaha are now offering an amazing new Piano Upgrade promotion  a fantastic opportunity to affordably upgrade to a new Yamaha piano and get a great price for your old, and perhaps much-loved but outdated, acoustic or digital piano.

The promotion offers up to an additional £1250 part-exchange value on your old digital or acoustic piano when purchasing any of Yamaha’s revolutionary TransAcoustic or award-winning Silent Grand and Upright instruments.

Both these ranges are extremely popular with the great practical and creative benefits of this new technology, such as the ability to practice silently with headphones, digitally record your work, and access a huge range of software available online.

Recently awarded an international Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society, Yamaha’s Silent Pianos can be played conventionally, or silently through headphones. They are real acoustic pianos that can be played at any time without disturbing others, and connected to the latest apps for an expanded range of performance and learning options.

Yamaha’s revolutionary new TransAcoustic grand and upright pianos are traditional pianos with a brilliant technological twist that opens the next chapter in the development of the acoustic instrument: a piano with a volume control! This unique TransAcoustic technology transforms the piano soundboard into a loudspeaker, allowing the player to adjust the volume acoustically, and access a wide variety of keyboard and digital instrument sounds.

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