Cameo lighting range with Daslight Interface

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

The Cameo DVC 4 Powered by Daslight – the first product from its new partnership with software developer Nicolaudie Group. With Cameo DVC 4, professionals can control lighting via their computer. The DMX interface is perfect for use with the Cameo D4 software for a Mac or PC.

The software includes a library of over 15,000 products and enables lighting to also be controlled via iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. Individual device profiles can easily be created using the built-in Scan Library Editor. This also allows the expansive library to be extended at any time  and eliminates dependence on manufacturer profiles.

The XEEL Effect Engine, which was designed by Daslight, offers hundreds of different effects that can be combined with each other. Thanks to Plug & Play, the intelligent Cameo DVC 4 DMX interface can be easily connected to the computer using a mini USB interface (cable is included in delivery).

The programmed data can be copied onto the interface from the internal memory. This enables a light show to be operated in stand-alone mode with 256 DMX channels and without a computer. The real-time 3D visualisation software is ideal for preparing light shows. Truss and stage elements can also be added here and the lighting effects, colours, dimmer settings and gobos can be evaluated in real time with the 3D viewer.

“With Nicolaudie we have found a reliable product development partner, whose innovative and user-friendly technology suits our needs. These are the best conditions for a lasting partnership, which will certainly deepen in the medium term,” said CEO of the Adam Hall Group Alexander Pietschmann. “One of our company goals is increased collaboration with product developers.”

Simon Bennett, Daslight product manager at Nicolaudie, added: “We’ve been in the Entertainment Industry along-side Adam Hall Group as established manufacturers for over 25 years and share a passion for high quality products. It’s exciting to be joining forces and I’m very much looking forward to our future journey together.”

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