Get Ready For Steinberg’s new Dorico notation software

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Steinberg has revealed details of its brand new Dorico music notation software, which is scheduled for release in Q4 2016. A few years ago, Steinberg established a new R&D centre in London with a new development team, setting out to develop next-generation professional scoring software for composers, arrangers, engravers, copyists and educators. Now, Steinberg has offered an overview of the feature set to be included in the initial release of Dorico, the advanced music notation system.

Dorico is designed to provide the most flexible note input and editing functionality of any scoring application, including the ability to work entirely in open meter or to freely rebar existing music, while maintaining clear rhythmic notation at all times.

The software enables composers to experiment freely with musical ideas, allowing them to insert music within an existing passage, or change the durations of existing notes and have correct notation produced automatically after every step. It also provides capabilities for project management, allowing users to easily produce works with an unlimited number of staves and movements, sections or pieces within the same project.

Furthermore, Dorico facilitates the creation of various score layouts with independent page size, staff size and system layout, powered by a desktop publishing-quality page layout engine.

Its multi-threaded architecture is designed to make the software smooth and responsive, even when working on large-scale projects. Building on Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine, Dorico comes with a host of VST instruments and effects, including HALion Sonic SE and the entire HALion Symphonic Orchestra library.

All of of the Dorico team are dedicated to building the best, most beautiful and most useful tool for working with music notation, and will continue to work hard over the next few months to refine the application before the first version is available for everybody to try for themselves. This is just the beginning of a journey and  Dorico will be the ultimate tool for composing, arranging and publishing music.”

The full version of Dorico will be available from Steinberg resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop in the fourth quarter of 2016


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