Partnership for Musicians: Legal Advice Workshop

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

If you regularly perform, write or record with a particular partner or group of musicians, then our free legal workshop on partnerships can help you make sure you have your working relationship covered. Groups who perform, write or record music together may – as a matter of law – be partnerships. This can apply to a rock band, a string quartet, a songwriting team, a production/remix team, a brass ensemble, an acoustic duo, a covers band or a home studio project. There are likely to be implications as a result in terms of ownership of your group’s assets, such as your band name, equipment and the money you make from your music.

If you are in a partnership and do not have a written agreement, the terms of your partnership are governed by the Partnership Act 1890. This means that if your group splits up, falls out or someone leaves, things can get complicated and there may be unexpected (and unwanted) consequences.

To find out more about this and how partnership law affects your own working situation, register now for our free Partnerships for Musicians workshop.

The workshop includes:

– A presentation and Q&A session with Steven Fisher of NMD Solicitors

– Comprehensive advice on partnerships and how to define your working relationships

– An introduction to the MU’s free Partnership Advisory Service, available to all MU members and new joiners.

Do not wait until something goes wrong. Take this opportunity to get some expert advice on defining your working relationship formally – now!

If you have any immediate queries, please email the East & SE England Regional Office on call 020 7840 5537.

Date and times:

16 Mar 2016

11:00am – 12:30pm


MU HQ, 60-62 Clapham Road, London SW9 0JJ

Register for the event


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