Dizzy Reed on Guns N’ Roses Reunion: ‘Whatever Happens, Happens’

Monday, November 16th, 2015

We’re all well aware that only Axl Rose knows what the future holds for Guns N’ Roses and keyboardist Dizzy Reed, who marks his 25th anniversary in the lineup this year, knows that better than most.  Reed was asked to offer his insider’s perspective on some of the fans’ most-asked questions, including how soon we might hear a new GNR album and whether he ever wonders what it would be like to get the classic lineup back together. As you can see in the complete video, he’s a master of the diplomatic answer.

“Sure, you wonder those things,” Reed admits regarding the prospect of the old lineup getting back together. “Duff joined the band recently for some shows in South America last year. Izzy turns up from time to time with a guitar and wants to get up and play, and so, you know, there’s been a taste of it. That’s cool, you know? Whatever. Whatever happens, happens.”

As for new music? “You know, with GNR, timelines don’t really apply, and that’s fine,” says Reed. “Things will come out when they’re ready, and we’ll go on tour when we’re ready. I think we’re probably looking at next year, hopefully, but there’s nothing definite that I can really report at this time. But I’m looking forward to getting out there and doing some GNR stuff soon! sooner rather than later.”

In the meantime watch the dizzy reed clip Here on My Keyboard Lessons it includes Reed’s memories of working on Use Your Illusion


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