Mural Symphonic Strings Vol 3 – try it HERE.

Sunday, September 13th, 2015

We looked at the new Spitfire audio strings software yesterday. Please let us know if you (or one of your colleagues) are interested in reviewing BML310 MURAL – SYMPHONIC STRINGS VOL. 3 — the third instalment in its award-winning range of evocatively-named symphonic strings virtual instrument modules for its BML (British Modular Library), a longterm project to create the greatest-sounding, deepest-sampled, and, ultimately, future-proofed living orchestral virtual instruments collection for Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT platform, based on ultra-detailed, next- generation recordings of the world’s finest musicians at London’s legendary AIR Studios — and we can arrange an NFR license ASAP.

Just email us at with your keyboard credentials to try it.


Spitfire Audio

About Spitfire Audio
Spitfire Audio was formed in 2008 by a group of successful British composers as a means of producing the tools they needed to facilitate their busy schedules in the fast and furious film,TV, and games scoring industries — initially as a private enterprise. Bored by the dry, humourless, untameable, unrealistic-sounding libraries that were commercially available at the time, Spitfire set about redefining the way that samples were created.As a commercial concern, today their aim remains true: to place sampling back at the centre of the music industry — not at the periphery, leeching it of all its life.This is why they are not software developers making sounds, but rather music-makers making sounds.This is why they approach the best sound-smiths on the planet to make sounds — the Leo Abrahams and Hans Zimmers of this world. But most of all, this is why they go to the best musicians in the world. By buying from Spitfire Audio, users are supporting the UK music industry — the musicians, engineers, and studios — and a company that is based in the UK and pays its share of taxes in an exemplary manner to the UK Exchequer.

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