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Roland & Subass Launch AIRA Academy For Music Production

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Roland has teamed up with SubBass, one of the UK’s leading providers of DJ and music production courses, to launch the world’s first AIRA Academy. Taught using Roland’s acclaimed range of AIRA production and performance gear, students will progress through a 16-hour course covering essential production techniques including synthesis, beat creation, sequencing, arrangement and effects.

The courses will take place in the SubBass Academy of Electronic Music in Westminster London, where you will spend 2 days with DJ/Producer Fabio Lendrum and learn how to get the most from the AIRA range.

ARIA course

Music production teacher

Spend 2 days in the studio with SubBass trainer Fabio Lendrum and learn how to get the most from the AIRA range. This course is not DAW specific and users of Logic, Ableton Live or any other DAW can take the course as we will be concentrating on the hardware and how to get the best from it.

Completeion of an AIRA Academy course entitles  students to preferential discounts on AIRA gear.

Timetable – Saturday and Sunday 12pm – 8pm

Course Content
Day One:

Introduction to AIRA
TR-8, TB-3, System-1 and VT-3
History behind the inspiration for new builds
Overview of 303, 808, 909, SH101 Juno and Jupiter
Understanding ACB (Analogue circuitry behavior)
Discussing studio & live use of the AIRA range

The Roland TR-8
History of 808 & 909 drum machines
Overview of parameters/buttons/sounds
Loading 808 or 909 sounds
Setting tempo and making a beat
Adjusting volume/attack/decay/pitch
Making a second variation of the beat
Panning sounds
Applying Reverb/Delay to individual sounds
Working with FX presets
Recording into Logic/Ableon Live
Working with drum loops inside the DAW
Mixing drums

The Roland TB-3
Syncing TB-3 to TR-8 (audio input/output through logic)
Overview of parameters/buttons/sounds
Loading presets
Programming personal sequence on the step sequencer
Applying FX
Recording 2-3 variations of melody into Logic/Ableton over TR-8 drums
Recording live automation
Mixing down
Day Two

History of Juno (6-106), Jupiter, SH101, JX3P
System-1 parameters/buttons/sounds
Syncing to TR-8 & TB-3 (audio input/output through DAW)
Writing melody to already recorded material from TR-8 & TB-3
Recording into Logic and Ableton
Using SH101 “Plug-out” option
Getting hands on with hardware/software communication
Writing melody with System-1
Recording into Logic/Ableton

Overview of parameters/buttons/sounds/features
Explaining ease of use even if you are not a singer
Examples of records which use similar vocals
Recording own personal vocals with dynamic microphones into Logic/Ableton
Recording variations over already recorded material
Cutting and editing vocals in Logic

How to sync the AIRA range and use together in the studio
How to use the AIRA range in a live situation

The Roland AIRA course runs on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-8pm

Go to to book up.

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