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Your thoughts on Pianist Lang Lang.

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

We pieced together some comments that you had been saying regarding the Chinese piano player Lang Lang. Here are some of the things you have been saying on a piano blog: Lang Lang is an absolute disgrace to pianists today. And it sickens me when i hear him treat the composers that i respect so much. I really dont think he’s fitted for classical, romantic, and specially baroque. I dont have anything against his personality, in fact i like his campaigns and everything like that….But please, dont support the guys playing. He needs to remind himself that he is a Pianist and not a entertainer

Lang lang is the modern version of Franz Liszt. Technical brilliance associated whith charisma and sometimes really really bad taste

Just about the worst insult concerning Liszt i have ever seen.

The great one would turn in his grave if he knew he was being compared to that clown

I suppose; I agree that his campaigning activities have been and continue to be of value, but take away the physical histrionics that so characterise his performance presentations and one is left with a very ordinary pianist indeed – and I would have thought that the very last descriptor that any thinking person would seek to apply to the piano playing of Franz Liszt is “ordinary”…

So are you a fan or couln’t you care less. Let us know your thoughts below.


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