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Academy School of Electronic Music School Opens In The US.

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Beat Lab Academy, a new school of modern music production in LA, has announced that it is accepting new students for their Ableton Live Certification Program starting April 28, 2015. The Academy was founded by Ableton Certified Trainer Yeuda Ben-Atar, right. After working as an Ableton instructor at many of LA’s music production schools, Ben-Atar decided taht something was missing in the model that schools were using to teach music production.

He explains, “Computer music should be taught like a traditional instrument. All these schools were teaching electronic music in a lecture format, the way you’d teach history or literature. The students were missing out on the benefits of hands-on learning through practice and playing music together. Electronic music education needed a transformation, this was not the way.”

“I thought, what if the entire classroom could plug in and jam together in class? So I began researching manufacturers who could provide this technology, and we came up with ClassJam.”

ClassJam is a circular formation of music stations connected together and synchronized through MIDI interfaces. “The students experience music using the computer as if it was any conventional instrument like a guitar or piano,” explains Ben-Atar. ClassJam allows the class to play together in a live setting during class.”

The Beat Lab certification program, starting this spring, is a 16-week, 3-level training in Ableton Live. Classes meet twice a week, with additional online curriculum and 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with Beat Lab’s teachers. Students get their choice of MIDI controllers, guidance developing individual artist sound, and learn to utilize instruments, plugins, effects, sound design and mixing strategies to hone their craft. You can find out more about Beat Lab Academy and upcoming workshops and classes via their site.

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