Mic the undead!

Spooky video on how to mic up a zombie!

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Zombies exist solely in the realm of fiction — or DO they? Audio-Technica thinks it better to be safe than sorry. Surviving in a zombie apocalypse relies on preparedness in every aspect of life — even microphone technique. In this spooky video, Audio-Technica teaches you “How to Mic a Zombie.” Sit back, enjoy, and remember to check under the bed, in the closets and behind the curtains. As it’s Halloween week, Audio-Technica has come out with a new video called ‘How to Mic a Zombie.’

In the short film (below), a US engineering team from A-T demonstrate how its latest shotgun, wireless and lavalier microphones can be used to capture great sound – even in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Look out for the BP4073 shotgun, System 10 wireless system, BP896/AT898 mics and ATH-M50x headphones, as well as some delightfully dodgy acting…

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