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Financial Crisis Strikes a Chord with Pianist Ed Balls

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls, has passed his “stressful” Grade 3 piano exam – and with his first merit, no less. “What a relief that was,” said “Rachmaninov Ed” in a radio interview on London’s LBC this week.

So has Balls learnt anything from his musical interlude that he can – more usefully – apply to running the economy?

Sadly, no. “Being in a piano exam when you’re 10 is nerve-wracking,” Balls told presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer. “But in your mid-40s, it is considerably more stressful. I’m not sure that translates to running the economy at all, to be honest.”

This was an open goal for Hartley-Brewer, who suggested, with glee: “We could get 10-year-olds to run the economy. It might have gone better in 2008.”

“Ha ha ha. Yeah,” came Ball’s sheepish reply. It seems his part in the extremely inharmonious financial crisis struck a chord.

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